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WAC Product Store

We are pleased to now have an online product store through Art Of Where, who create beautiful products for us on location in Montreal.  The designs were created  from original artworks donated to us over the years where we have been given reproduction rights by the artists and/or their families.  This includes original artwork by Dauphin artists Vernon L. Watson, Dennis Werbicki, Gladys Bloomquist, David Yeo and Jan Jenkins.

We receive a commission on every purchase of these products, which helps us raise funds for our arts-related programs and events as well as for ongoing repairs and upgrades needed to maintain our beautiful heritage building.

Click here for the link to our Art Of Where store - we will be adding new products on an ongoing basis so please check the store out periodically for new items.  Art cards, phone cases and more!

Below are a few examples of items you will find in WAC's AOW store - artcards, notebooks, beanies, scarves, totebags, pencil cases, clothing and more!  A BIG thank you for your support!

About the Artists:

Vernon L. Watson (1918-1984)
Dauphin born dentist, musician, artist, Vernon L. Watson spearheaded the formation of the Dauphin Allied Arts Council in 1972 bringing cultural and artistic groups to Dauphin and serving as its President from 1973 to 1979.  During this time, the former Dauphin Town Hall (built in 1905) was renovated and transformed into the Dauphin Allied Arts Centre - now known as the Watson Art Centre.  Vernon was a prolific artist who also taught watercolour classes in the Dauphin Art Group studio at the Watson Art Centre.  The Watson Family donated a number of his original artworks, along with their copyrights, to the Watson Art Centre.
Gladys Bloomquist  (1939-2013)
Born in Siglunes MB, Gladys Bloomquist was an art teacher, homemaker, seamstress, child care worker, residential services worker, wife, mother and artist.  Gladys always had numerous interests and was very active in the Dauphin community, a member of the Dauphin Art Group, the Dauphin Agricultural Society, Dauphin Horticultural Society, the Dauphin Community Band.  A prolific painter and artist, Gladys also dabbled in sculpture, and loved gardening and flowers.  Gladys worked in a variety of mediums including graphite, soft pastel, watercolor and acrylic. Her love of nature is reflected in her floral and landscape paintings.  She and her family donated a number of her original artworks, along with the copyrights, to the Watson Art Centre.
Dennis Werbicki (1951-2009)
Born in Dauphin MB, Dennis Werbicki was raised on a farm where he developed a life long enjoyment of nature. He worked for 25 years in Winnipeg where, in his mid-thirties, he started painting as a hobby. He was self taught by watching painting shows on TV and by reading books on painting techniques. He returned to Dauphin in 1995 to pursue painting full time, travelling to various craft shows in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He created landscapes, abstracts and wildlife on canvas, stone, wood and metal with oil and acrylic paints. His other interests included sports (especially golf), music, photography, boating, fishing and gardening. Dennis enjoyed life with all its adventures and challenges, and appreciated all the good things life had to offer. The Werbicki Family donated a number of his original artworks, along with the copyrights, to the Watson Art Centre.
David Yeo
A long time member of the Dauphin Art Group and avid oil painter, Dave Yeo also lived on the Westcoast where he studied the history of the Haida.  “The Potlatch”  is one of the paintings from his “The Silent Ones” 2014 Art Exhibit remembering the Haida of Canada’s Westcoast.  The donation of this artwork by David Yeo to the Watson Art Centre, along with the reproduction rights granted by him, has made it possible for us to create some beautiful art cards, artprints and notebooks.
Jan Jenkins - River West Artworks
Jan donated "The Watson Art Centre" pen and ink along with the copyrights to us.  This artwork reflects her love of the old heritage building along with her recognition of the vital contribution the Watson Arts Centre and its volunteers make in providing a positive and vibrant arts community for the Dauphin area. Shape, colour, light and the rhythm of repeating patterns inspires Jan to create, communicate and share her spirit in a visual way.  She grew up west of Montreal, where the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers meet and maple trees grow tall and sweet.  After retiring from the energy industry in Alberta, she moved to Manitoba where she now pursues her life-long passion – creating visual art.

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